Power Co-op Employees Credit Union


Membership in Power Co-op Employees Credit Union is open to the following:

  • Employees and members of Corn Belt Power Co-op, its member cooperatives, affiliates and subsidiaries
  • Employees and members of these Rural Electric Cooperatives
    1. Boone Valley Electric Cooperative
    2. Butler County REC
    3. Calhoun County ECA
    4. Franklin REC
    5. Grundy County REC
    6. Iowa Lakes Electric Coop
    7. Midland Power Coop
    8. Prairie Energy Cooperative
    9. Raccoon Valley REC
    10. North Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association
  • Employees of REC business members See Below
  • Members of Corn Belt's board of directors and members of Corn Belt's member cooperative boards of directors, including family members
  • Employees of North Iowa Municipal Electric Co-op Association's (NIMECA) member utilities and members of their governing boards

Employees of the following area businesses

  • Ag-Parts
  • Bancroft Implement/Red Power (all sites)
  • Chantland Companies
  • City of Humboldt
  • CJC Mechanical Solutions
  • Corn LP
  • DBT, LLC
  • Faith United Methodist Church Employees
  • Gayle's Bookkeeping
  • Gronbach Consturction
  • Gunder Church Furniture
  • Humboldt County Employees
  • Humboldt County Memorial Hospital
  • Humboldt Community School Employees
  • Humboldt Newspapers
  • Humboldt V & S Variety
  • Iowa Firefighter's Association
  • Jensen Trailer's
  • John's Ag Service
  • John's Napa
  • Kristat Auto Parts
  • Lee Smith Insurance Inc.
  • M-S & Son's
  • Northland Auto
  • Osceola Electric Co-op
  • Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church and School, Pocahontas, Iowa
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church and School
  • Sande Construction
  • Sister's Homestyle Entrees
  • Thompson Grain Service
  • Twin Rivers Community School Employees
  • W & H Co-op
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church Employees and School Employees
  • Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church and School Employees


  • Family members include the following: spouse, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandparents, grandchild, great-grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew.  Step-family and in-laws are also included.

Become a member now!

Either email andrea@powercoop.net or call (515)332-4096

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