Power Co-op Employees Credit Union

Power Co-op Employees Credit Union Fee Schedule (Effective March 1, 2020) Personal Accounts

Share Draft Fees

  • $25.00 for each request to stop payment of a share draft or other withdrawal.
  • Stop payments must be renewed every six (6) months to remain in effect.  Each renewal will cost $25.00.
  • $25.00 for each postdated draft entered into the system
  • $25.00 for each check, in person, ATM, ACH or other electronic withdrawal that overdraws your account whether paid or returned ($100.00 per day maximum)
  • $2.00 for each overdraft protection transfer from another account
  • $2.00 for each transfer from an overdraft protection loan
  • $5.00 for each overdraft paid by manual transfer from another account
  • $3.00 each for copy of paid share drafts or  substitute check
  • $1.00  per page for copy of statement
  • Check printing: cost varies per design
  • Extended overdraft fee-$25 charged on the 8th calendar day and each week thereafter if the account is overdrawn by more than $10

Debit Card Fees

  • $1.00 per month if average daily balance in checking account is less than $1000.00
  • $5.00 for replacement of a PIN
  • Replacement card: 1st time $10.00, then $20.00
  • First TEN (10) ATM/PIN based transactions free, then $1.00 each (includes withdrawal, transfer, inquiry, or denial when using PIN)
  • Currency Conversion Fee: 1% of transaction amount, calculated in US dollars

Other fees

  • $25.00 for the recording of each revocation of an automated clearing house (ACH) debit (electronic payment)
  • $25.00 fee for each NSF return of an originated ACH payment.
  • ACH change request: (for ACH originated by the credit union) one per year at no charge, $10.00 for additional change requests
  • $20.00 for each outgoing domestic wire transfer
  • $10.00 for each incoming domestic wire transfer
  • $45.00 for each foreign wire transfer.
  • $30.00 for each check returned unpaid that was deposited in your account.
  • $20.00 each for excessive transfers from a share account (Reg D)
  • Collection Item:  A fee of $20.00 will be charged for any draft or item sent or received for collection on your behalf.
  • ACH one time request $5.00
  • Account Research:  A charge of $30.00 per hour ($30.00 minimum) for account research or assistance in reconciling your bank statement.
  • Account closed within 60 days of opening $20.00

FAX and Copy charges:

  • Sending:  $1.00 per page
  • Receiving: $1.00 per page
  • Copies $.50 per page

Garnishments and levies: $50.00

Incorrect address fee:  $5.00 per statement cycle (paper or email)

Maintenance Fee: $10.00 annual fee for accounts with no activity for more than 12 months, age 18 or over, with balance less than $100.00.  Fee may reduce account balance to less than par value.

Money Orders $2.00 each

 Cashier's check: $3.00 each

Notary Public $10.00 for nonmembers

Bill Pay Inactivity Fee: $5.00 per month that account is inactive (pay no bills for 3 months)

Sales tax will be charged on fees where applicable

Fees charged by other financial institutions/vendors will be passed on to the member.

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