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Don't wait to talk to your kids and grandkids about money. Open them a savings account with Power Co-op Employees Credit Union and start them out for a successful financial future.
Did you know that we offer free checks for members over 65 years of age? If you currently only have a share account with us, the process is easy to add a checking account and start receiving free checks.
Boost Your Savings with CD Laddering With interest rates so low, getting the most out of your savings can be a challenge. So how do you earn money from your savings without tying it up for years? Enter the magic of CD laddering. What’s a CD? Certificates of deposit, also... Read More on BOOST YOUR SAVINGS WITH CD LADDERING
Elder Financial Exploitation To con artists, down-on-their-luck relatives, or opportunistic acquaintances, they are gold mines. Individuals over the age of 50 control 70% of the country’s wealth, and seniors between the ages of 65 and 74, with an average net worth of $1.06 million, have more assets than any other... Read More on ELDER FINANCIAL EXPLOITATION


Smart Phone, Smart Saver This article highlights some great apps that can help you save your money and manage your spending. Phone apps have changed our lives. We now have, at our fingertips, the ability to access information 24/7, wherever we are. There are a number of useful apps that... Read More on SMART PHONE, SMART SAVER
Are You Spending Too Much on Groceries? How many times have you checked out at the grocery and were surprised by the total? It’s easy to let our grocery bill get too big if we’re not careful. Yes, food prices have gone up for certain items lately, and we’re making... Read More on ARE YOU SPENDING TOO MUCH ON GROCERIES?
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