Power Co-op Employees Credit Union


Interest Refund and Bonus Dividend

Power Co-op Credit Union is excited to announce a 5% bonus dividend for 2022.  This dividend will be paid to members directly in their share account.  You will receive 5% of the dividends paid to you in 2022.  Some accounts are excluded.  Contact the credit union if you have questions regarding the bonus dividend.

Interest refund on loans.  This year we are also giving back to the members that have loans with us.  Accounts that have loans will be receiving a refund in the amount of 5% of the interest you paid to your loans this year.  Most loans will qualify.  Loans that are excluded are the ones that were past due or that have a negative account. This refund will be deposited in your share account.  If you have questions regarding the interest refund, feel free to call the credit union.

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