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The Iowa Credit Union Foundation's (ICUF) 2022 Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship application is now open to Iowa credit union members who are high school seniors or post-secondary students. 
High School Scholarship - Designated for high school seniors planning to enter college in 2022.
Post-High School Scholarship - Designated for individuals entering or attending an accredited undergraduate, graduate or vocational program in 2022.
Find additional information contact our office.
Each applicant will be asked to answer the following prompt:
Since March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the US economy has been tremendously impacted. Describe how an emergency savings account is more crucial than ever and how someone might utilize their credit union to focus on saving. Consider sharing personal examples in this essay.
The essay must be the original work of the applicant and is limited to 500 words. Judging will be based on originality, clarity, meaningful content, accurate presentation of facts, adherence to contest rules, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.   The deadline for applications is February 4, 2022. Winners will be notified in April 2022 and the results will be posted to the Iowa Credit Union Foundation website . 
Power Co-op Employees Credit Union Scholarship
The second opportunity is from the Power Co-op Employees Credit Union and is open to high school seniors graduating in 2022.  Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded based on the results of a test which will be given anytime February 16-25.  Stop by our office between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm located at Power Co-op Employees Credit Union 1208 13th Street North Humboldt, IA 50548. Please arrive before 3:30 pm.  If it is not possible to take the test at the scheduled time and/or location, your local school counselor may contact Andrea Harms (Phone: 515-332-4096) to make other arrangements for testing by February 16th.  All completed tests must be returned by the School Counselor and must be at Power Co-op Employee Credit Union no later than 4:30 p.m. on February 16, 2022 Completed tests may be returned via mail, e-mail: pccuandrea@goldfieldaccess.net or fax: (515) 332-2832
New this year!!!!!
We are now offering one returning student scholarship.  This $500 scholarship is open to any Power Co-op Credit Union member, child of a member, or grandchild of a member that is a returning student.  See our credit union for the official rules.  Please submit an original essay with no more than 300 words on the following topic:
Financial experiences, both positive and negative help shape our overall financial understanding and well-being. Share a financial lesson, event or experience that has influenced you or your family personally.  If relevant share how your credit union played a role.  With this experience(s) in mind, how do you plan to utilize your credit union during college and into your future? 
Please submit your essay either via e-mail or in person to Andrea at Power Co-op Credit Union. 
pccuandrea@golfieldaccess.net before February 25th.

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