Power Co-op Employees Credit Union

Christmas Club Savings Accounts


DIVIDEND RATE will be .50% higher than the third quarter dividend rate each year.  Historically speaking this rate has been higher than 1.00%

TRANSACTION LIMITATIONS: No withdrawals may be made from this account without closing the account.  The balance of this account will be disbursed on or about October 31 of each year.

MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIREMENTS:  No minimum balance requirements apply to this account.  However, all members must maintain a regular share account with a balance of at least $5.00. 
A maximum of $200 per month may be deposited with a maximum annual deposit total of $2,400.00.

EFFECT OF CLOSING AN ACCOUNT: If you close your account before interest is paid, you will not receive the accrued dividend.

RATE INFORMATION:  The interest rate and annual percentage yield may change every year.  We may change the interest rate for your account as determined by the credit union board of directors.

FEES AND CHARGES: There is a $10.00 early closure fee.

National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUA): Members accounts in this credit union are federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

For a full Christmas Club Disclosure contact the Power Co-op Employees Credit Union.

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